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A Partial Listing of Brachman Associates Consulting Clients

Note: The following examples describe large-scale clients, but similar projects are equally applicable to small and medium size companies. Brachman Associates has an equal number of large clients as small to medium clients -- all high technology companies and market leaders.

  • Global UK based Pharmaceutical Company with over $20 billion sales
    Worked with senior management to design and implement the first US corporate global business development and intelligence strategy and systems supporting investor relations, acquisitions, licensing, marketing, and product planning -- using technologies and analysis models ported from US intelligence agencies. Designed and developed Wellcome's first global monitoring, analysis, and executive intelligence and alert program to support the 4.2 billion dollar stock offering using customized systems developed for US intelligence agencies.
  • US-based Pharmaceutical Company
    Developed three-year corporate strategic and competitive business plan supporting Senior Sales Executives and Management, Sales Force Deployment and Marketing Systems and Programs. This enterprise-wide program supported the competitive pricing, marketing and sales force deployment strategies for all the key strategic business units and their products. Strategy and systems included the initial launch of new divisions, such as Dermatology, through target database marketing systems and demographic sales models tailored to the product portfolio and later with all Glaxo business units.
  • Leading Drug Delivery Technology and Manufacturing Company
    Facilitated business development and organizational planning at this company, a global leader in controlled-release drug technology development and manufacturing. The assignment included developing a business strategy and plan for its products, services and technology portfolio, competitor and customer value benchmarking, market positioning, company valuation, organizational restructuring, project management facilitation, and facilities planning. Included interfaces with key clients including several major US and International Pharmaceutical Companies who are global leaders in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Consumer Products and Pharmaceutical Company Specializing in Nutritional and Therapeutic Products
    Developed the organizational, technology and application portfolio development strategy and systems for Bristol-Myers Pharmaceutical Division's comprehensive Sales Analysis and Marketing Support Program for its ethical pharmaceutical and nutritional divisions. Provided senior management with Value Analysis estimates needed to justify investments and target highest payoff applications for BMS.
  • A Market Leader in Computer Mainframe Products and IT Services
    Worked with this client and nine of their major pharmaceutical clients to conduct an in-depth pharmaceutical industry-wide competitive analysis and value analysis benchmarking program. Identified highest potential payoff pharmaceutical systems applications impacting shareholder and enterprise/brand value development in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • One of the Three Largest Franchised Food Chains in the world
    Provided a broad range of organizational and competitive analysis, strategic repositioning and brand value analysis consulting in the areas of portfolio and service strategies, systems, acquisitions and expansion strategies, business process development, product development, value pricing, brand positioning, advertising and competitive positioning. Worked with all Senior Management on the development of a Brand Support System and related Point of Sale Systems -- a fully integrated, functional, easy access information system providing end users and managers business intelligence and strategic information about operational productivity, sales, test market results, pricing impact, competition and company restaurant-level performance for over 6000 retail franchise and company owned stores. Documented increased sales impact exceeded $700 million.
  • A Market Leader in Soft Drinks and Packaged Beverages
    Facilitated the strategic planning for Coca-Cola's Fountain Division, with their new Burger King supply contract, to develop innovative and mutually beneficial strategies for new technologies, programs, packaging, products and processes to increase brand and customer value. Results were 40+ strategic initiatives addressing critical issues and specific high payoff technology and market research development projects to grow that distribution channel and increase that market segment by at least 15 to 20% per year.
  • Several European Pharmaceutical Market Leaders
    Conducted a variety of organizational, market and competitive intelligence systems and business planning seminars for these companies serving the pharmaceutical and consumer OTC markets.
  • The Market Leader in Hotel, Property Management and Hospitality
    Provided senior management with enterprise value development recommendations including systems, technologies, and human resources to support more effectively the individual business units' mission, objectives, and sales and earnings performance.
  • The World Leader in Office Business Systems
    Analyzed and enhanced the Corporate Strategy Office's business and competitive intelligence processes, systems and services supporting all the Xerox strategic business units. The project including identifying highest payoff expert systems technology applications.
  • $30 Billion Global Consumer Packaged Goods Company
    Worked with senior management to increase the effectiveness and value of the centralized consulting services group, called ISG, to Mar's business units in the US and internationally -- valued at over $20 billion worldwide.
  • A Leader in the Tobacco Market
    Worked with the Business Strategy Group for this tobacco company on reengineering of its enterprise-wide information technology and support services planning programs.
  • A Major Beer Manufacturer and Marketer
    Conducted an in-depth value analysis and provided strategy and systems recommendations supporting the company's competitive analysis and planning processes supporting brand managers and international market development.
  • Fourth Largest Hamburger Chain in the US
    Led Corporate Marketing, Operations, Development, Finance and senior management (CEO and Executive VP's) through a market research and intelligence-based Strategic Repositioning and Expansion of the company and its underlying franchise systems. Facilitated a complete reengineering the organization, logistics and systems supporting Product Portfolio Value Development, Franchisee Licensing and Re-Qualification, Real Estate Selection and Facilities Redesign, Acquisitions, and new Distribution Channels. Hardee's increased sales from $2+ billion to over $5 billion (including Distribution) after implementation of the program (including Acquisitions). Moved the company from a distant fourth to number three position in the industry based on sales, and number one in the industry based on per store profitability.
  • Market Leader in Air Express Package Delivery
    Worked with the Strategic Analysis organization to identify high payoff business intelligence applications that would increase customer brand and shareholder value through its investor relations, sales, marketing, and pricing organizations.

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