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Fred Brachman
Fred Brachman

Recent  Research Report:
North Carolina Community College System -- Economic and Workforce
Development Study  


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Brachman Associates has developed a unique Program for  North Carolina HOA communities in Raleigh and Wake County ... to save homeowners time and money ... while increasing their real estate value and net worth.

Brachman Associates Overview

Brachman Associates specializes in "Value Creation" for communities, companies, customers, and investors. 

Every project is self-funding. Results are measured by increasing sales, earnings, shareholder value, brand value, jobs, customers and portfolio value.

Since 1985 Brachman Associates clients:

  • Large corporations and market leaders
  • Economic development agencies
  • Venture startups in healthcare and consumer markets
  • Education & Econonic Development
  • Information systems and services organizations
  • Small to medium size entrepreneurial companies
  • Community development 


Competitive markets include:

  • consumer
  • pharmaceuticals
  • life science and biotechnology 
  • information services and systems
  • hospitality
  • real estate
  • manufacturing.

Specific expertise and projects:

  • Sales and earnings growth
  • Partnering and Alliances
  • Market intelligence
  • Business intelligence  
  • Competitive positioning
  • Corporate and Business Development
  • Operational and Information Systems
  • Organizational Structure & Development 
  • portfolio Management
  • Channel Management
  • Investor and shareholder value

Specific projects address:

Decision ArchitectureTM Approach:

Brachman Associates uses its proven proprietary Decision Architecture model to provide management a customized approach to increasing customer, brand, and shareholder value simultaneously. We help owners and managers making critical changes in four areas: Organization (internal and external), Portfolio management, Processes & Systems , and Channels.

Results are measured in terms of growth in sales, earnings, productivity, share value or company market value, brand value, portfolio value, customer satisfaction and customer value perception and improvement.

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